Support Group

Bariatric surgery is by itself a powerful tool for weight loss. However, as the medical literature shows, it is important to have the community component that helps the patient reach the desired weight and maintain it in the long term.

Participation in support group activities can improve the results achieved by post-op bariatric patients, including an increase in quality of life, less emotional distress, consistency in follow-up appointments, and a lower risk of returning to the bad habits that caused them. obesity in the first place.

This is why IB patients have the support group tool led by Lic. Dayana Rodríguez from @GorditaFitRD as part of your post-surgical care, regardless of the years that have elapsed since your bariatric surgery.

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What is the Support Group?

It is a safe virtual space where Dr. Betances patients will have the freedom to share experiences with their peers, learn from the medical team of the Bariatric Institute, maintain focus and motivation from the accountability and participation of the group activities.

Characteristics of the Support Group

  • Mixed: men and women.
  • Valid for all bariatric procedures: from bypass to gastric balloon.
  • Fully online.
  • Safe space for the free exchange of member experiences through instant messaging by Slack.
  • Exclusive regular Zoom meetings with @GorditaFitrd.

About Dayana Rodríguez from @GorditaFitRD

Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Patient of Dr. Luis A. Betances since July 2018. She has been fat all her life until making the decision to recover it. If someone knows what it is like to suffer from weight, body, social pressure, criticism and bullying, it is her. Hence his passion for healing the emotional reasons for being overweight and combining mental work with a proven solution to obesity.

Founder of Gordita Fit, a movement that seeks to convey the message that being overweight is a symptom of a bigger problem, which requires working body, mind and soul from the platform of love and personal power.

Creator of the Gordita Fit Support Group, only for women, and the Gordita Fit Bariatric Plate, a portion control and accompaniment tool.

Economist by profession with a Master's degree in Applied Economics.
Certified Coach in Food Psychology.

I love helping people break free from complexes and heal their relationship with food and weight. Solving the weight issue is not just about diet and exercise. Emotional work and community membership increase your chances of long-term success.